Child Care & Learning Center

since 1982


Little Tots Learn A Lot Daycare has been licensed by the state of Maryland since 1982. 


Our philosophy is built around empowering children to learn in their own ways, at their own pace, exploring their interests. We offer a home like environment so the children feel safe and free to explore and discover. We challenge children at all ages with developmentally appropriate programs based on their skill level. The long term goal of Little Tots Learn A Lot early preschool program is to prepare your child as they begin the journey that will eventually lead them into kindergarten and beyond as a successful life long learner.

Little Tots Learn A Lot has been licensed by the state of Maryland for over 20 years. All staff members are CPR and First AID certified. Little Tots Learn A Lot provides reliable child care at an affordable rate. We offer full-time, part-time and drop in child care. We offer an open door policy. We accept ages six weeks to seven years of age. Little Tots Learn A Lot is open Monday - Friday from 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Little Tots Learn A Lot is located at 3203 Frisby Street, 10 minutes from Johns Hopkins Hospital, five minutes from Union Memorial Hospital and five minutes from Johns Hopkins University. We are just off of East 33rd Street on Frisby Street across from Giant.

Angela Hunter,  Owner

Angela Hunter, Owner


(443) 929-0278


M-F 7:00 a.m.– 5:30 p.m.


3203 Frisby Street
Baltimore, MD 21218


We offer teaching and preparation for all ages in early childhood development. 


Infant Program

Your child's first year of life is an amazing time filled with discovery and enormous growth learning. At Little Tots Learn A Lot we build a bond of trust with your baby. We also stimulate your baby's cognitive, emotional, and physical development. We provide a loving warm environment.

  • Sensory Activities
    • Touching, feeling and squeezing. Exploring their surroundings and interacting with fellow children.
  • Motor Skills
    • Crawling and cruising.
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Grasping and squeezing soft toys.


Toddler Program

We know that children learn best when they're actively engaged. We know they learn critical science, math, reading and writing concepts through hands on sensory oriented activities at this age. Here at Little Tots Learn A Lot we recognize that children at this age may be at very different stages of development. At Little Tots Learn A Lot we accommodate your child, no matter where he or she is in their development.

  • Math Concepts
    • Fractions with fruit and other recognizable objects.
  • Science
    • The three states of water (ex. using popsicles) Show how water interacts with other items (ex. using a rose and adding food color in the water changes the color of the petals.
  • Reading
    • Learning beginner words and phrases.


Preschool Program

Here at Little Tots Learn A Lot our Preschool Prep program will prepare your child to successfully enter Kindergarten and beyond to become a lifetime learner. Your child will acquire all skills necessary to successfully enter kindergarten eager and ready to learn. Little Tots Learn A Lot will introduce much of the scheduling and activities that will make the transition to kindergarten an easy one.

  • Handwriting
    • Is a fine motor skill that involves learning how to control a pencil and specific strokes for name writing.
  • Scissors
    • Provides the necessary skills for hand eye coordination and following instructions. This is learned through art and crafts.
  • Intermediate Math Concepts
    • Fractions with fruit continued and the introduction of flash cards. Number writing and recognition.
  • Intermediate Reading
    • Spelling words, writing, and learning how to use them in a sentence. Pronunciation and mastering the recognition of specific words.
  • Art & Crafts
    • Learning colors, following instructions and exploring the minds creativity using clay, crayons, chalk and paint.


Field Trips

Here at Little Tots Learn A Lot we encourage learning from our surroundings. We go on field trips to open up your child's mind to exploration. Teaching them at a young age that the world is bigger than their immediate surroundings. Field trips encompass all learning avenues from math to art. We visit pumpkin patches, the Zoo, library and parks. Exploration is the key to learning anything.

Our philosophy is built around empowering children to learn in their own ways, exploring their interests at their own pace.

Nutrition Program

Good nutrition goes hand in hand with productive learning. Study after study has shown that eating breakfast boosts a child's abilities to learn, think quickly and pay attention. Children who regularly eat breakfast think more clearly, solve problems more easily, get along with others better and are less likely to be fidgety or irritable in the morning. For all these reasons, breakfast plays a starring role in our nutrition program. We know that even great child care services just aren’t as beneficial for children who are hungry. A breakfast is served every day at no additional fee, and you and your child can eat breakfast together if you would like to.

Snacks and Lunch
Our complete child nutrition program includes both morning and afternoon snacks and lunch. All are balanced and include the required nutritional components in recommended portion sizes. Children are encouraged to try all foods that are offered, and may have a second serving of their favorites if they wish.